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Core Team.

Meet the core team members at IGNITION Pitch Works.

Seon King

Founder & Principal

Seon is a London Business School MBA, business strategist,  consultant, and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience and based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He has helped startups and established businesses around the world optimize their strategies and secure millions in funding. His range of industry experience includes entertainment, tech, healthcare, real estate, energy, education, biotech, agriculture, non-profit and more. 

Luna Meschiari

Senior Designer

Luna is a seasoned designer with over 12 years of design work experience ranging from websites and marketing collaterals to high-level investor and sales pitch decks. She combines a deep understanding of design principles with a highly-informed grasp of industry and business fundamentals ,and excels at distilling complex data and concepts into elegant, strategic presentations that capture investor interest.

Nicholas Dobson

Senior Business Analyst

A London Business School MBA, Nick has been involved in start-ups and early business ventures in London, New York, Singapore and Toronto. He built a financial research consultancy into a multi-million dollar business, launched a cutting-edge digital marketing agency, and has worked and advised for respected brands such as the Wall Street Journal, Citibank, BNP Paribas, HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, and Scotiabank.

Angelica Sirotin

Senior Copywriter

Angelica Sirotin is an international business analyst and venture builder who has partnered with investment and management consulting firms that have secured $1B+ in financing for startups and SMEs. She is also the founder of Sirotin Ventures, a boutique advisory firm providing strategic solutions for investment, growth, and global expansion. Her writing has been featured in high-profile publications including Information Week, The Hill, and the World Economic Forum.

Barbara Sertić


Barbara is a designer with over 4 years of experience whose expertise extends to digital marketing, copywriting, and social media management. She specializes in crafting visual storytelling materials that are not only uniquely tailored to the specific narratives and requirements of each client, but compelling, engaging, and memorable.

Say hello to your pitch deck
dream team.

For each client project, we look at the client’s specific industry, their needs and goals, and our team’s skills and experience.  Then, we assemble the optimal team from our core team members and our roster of cross-industry, cross-industry MBA business strategists, copywriters, financial analysts, and designers who specialize in creating investor pitch decks. Each client team is custom built to meet the requirements and goals of each client.


Your assigned Project Manager serves as your primary point of contact for your full-stack team of investor pitch deck experts who will create a pitch that optimally conveys the value and opportunity of your business to investors.

Investor pitch deck team diagram
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